Services Available

Condition reports: Providing interested parties with an accurate and unbiased assessment of the condition of a painting. Technical reports combining where necessary scientific analysis affording an assessment of the age of the painting.

Insurance quotes: Condition reports and estimates of work and expenses undertaken for conservation and restoration.

Surface cleaning, varnish removal and reapplication: The removal of layers of surface dirt, nicotine and discoloured varnish, and removal of layers of over-paint remaining from previous restoration.

Repair to losses and flaked material: The re-adhesion of original flakes of material, and consolidation of vulnerable paint layers.

The structural treatment of the original canvas, including the welding of tears and holes: Tears, rips and pierced canvasses repaired invisibly.

Stretching and relining: The removal of failing lining fabrics, re-lining and stretching, to provide a suitable and stable foundation for the painting.

The removing planar deformations in canvas support: The removal of distortions of the planar alignment across of the canvasses. (Sagging and bulging)

The structural treatment of wooden panels: Wooden dowels and mitre joints repaired with appropriate treated timber. Restrictive cradles removed and panel members rejoined and repaired.

Retouching: Losses to the original paint layers filled and textured to replicate the original paint layers and retouched, including large reconstructive projects.

X-ray photography: Showing developments in the original composition themes revealing reused canvasses or earlier works.

Infra red analysis: Allows the under-drawing to be viewed in order to give greater understanding of artistic practice.

Scientific analysis: Paint samples provide evidence of pigments used.



This small panel was re-used, an x-ray of the painting revealed that beneath the portrait of the small boy was another of a richly dressed young girl. The reasons for this are unknown, the panel was small and would not have been expensive and the painting beneath appeared finished rather than a half completed commission, however two of the four remaining paintings of the sons of the family are painted over unidentified girls.